Three-channel video installation

Matadero, Madrid, 2014

Excerpts from the Torah, the New Testament and the Qur’an are enunciated in their original –or more representative– language: old Hebrew, Greek and old Arabic.

Actors and speech move in circles throughout the screens and, at a certain point, they melt into themselves as a whole. The enunciation of the texts is interspersed with the traditional rhythmic manifestations of each religious cult. The musical progression dismantles the sense of the texts, sounds remain reduced to an unintelligible space between enunciation and singing.


Performers | Isaac Diego, Ramón N. Lopez, Cheluis Padrino
Director | Maya Watanabe
Director of Photography | Mauricio Freyre
Sound recording | Ángel Padrino
Sound mixing | Juan Ernesto Díaz
Editing and post-production | Maya Watanabe