Single channel video installation

Stills from video

Bullet happens within the context of Peruvian justice. It denounces extrajudicial killings and the hollow space where criminal cases hover when circumstances remain unresolved and unclear. This project results from a collaboration with the Peruvian Forensic Team, and documents the inside of a human skull with a firearm injury from an unidentified body.

During the Peruvian internal armed conflict the military killed approximately 21,000 people, both civilians and guerilla fighters. Most of these killings were extrajudicial acts, and almost all of them were carried out with firearms. The victims were hidden or disappeared to prevent their identification, thus evading potential prosecution of the perpetrators. Since that time, many remains have been found but cannot be identified and hover under the status “NN,” meaning “No Name.”

These images were taken in 2020 and show the skull of an unknown victim killed by the Peruvian Armed Forces in 1986. They bear witness to the events mentioned and the neglected state in which these human remains are left.