Single channel video installation

MOT, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2021

MOT, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2021

The surface of the skull is smooth as marble, except for the fractures surrounding a small, round bullet hole. The camera penetrates this opening, revealing the rock-like landscape within, of deep ravines, jagged-edged craters, and bony reefs. Here and there we see a web hanging, inhabited by a spider.

Bullet records the skull of an unidentified body from the Peruvian violent period, which raged from 1980 to 2000 and took 70,000 lives. Since then, many remains have been found but cannot be identified and they still hover, as it were, under the status “NN” ­–“No Name.” The film tries to shed light on the forces that penetrate the lives of people: natural or social forces that overtake observation, the imagination and memory. Bullet constitutes an indictment of arbitrary executions and judicial vacuum in which they remain.



Director | Maya Watanabe
Camera and editing | Maya Watanabe
Sound | Jaime E. Oliver La Rosa

Special thanks:
Equipo Forense Especializado del Ministerio Público Fiscalía de la Nación de Perú, Sebastián Díaz Morales, Gredna Landolt, Carmen Rosa Cardoza, Alain Wittmann, Casa Baraybar, Tegenboschvanvreden (NL) and 80mts Livia Benavides gallery (PE).

The video was produced by the BBVA Foundation - Bilbao Fine Arts Museum MULTIVERSO grant and supported by Mondriaan Fonds and MOT, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.