Two- channel video installation

Still from video

The title is an invented word composed by:
abra – (Fr. lat.) Fissure on the ground produced by the effects of seismic movements.
sis – (Fr. gr.) Action, process of formation.

Video made by recomposing audio quotes from different movies. Two similar actors perform as if they were one and, simultaneously, two different characters. The divisory line between them is an almost indistinguishable fissure which sometimes disappears and allows them to connect together as one again.

A crossover between anguish and angina is made. Angina as the impossibility to talk and to make use of the language. Anguish because the impossibility and disruption of the language is also the fracture of ourselves and our memories.


Direction | Maya Watanabe
Director of Photography | Jordi Abusada
Line Production | Lorena Goyenechea
Camera Assistant | Fernando Gutiérrez and Marcelo Peirano
Editing and Post-production | Maya Watanabe

Giorgio di Giovanni
Ricardo Ayala